1)  Objective Resolution Was Passed By? (Liaqat Ali Khan On 12 beMarch 1949)

2)  Quran Pak Other Name? (Furqan)

3)  Montegu Chelmsford Reform Date? (1919)

4)  The Number Of Rivers In Balochistan? (7)

5)  Surah Name On Ant Is? (Numl)

6)  First Democractic Election In Pakistan? ( 7 Dec 1970)

7)  Baltic Countries? (Latvia, Finland, Poland, Germany, Russia etc)

8)  Pirpur Report Date? (1938)

9)  Cabinut Mission? (1946)

10)  Cube Root Of Unity? (1)

11)  Khalid Bin Waleed Accepted Islam In? (6 Hijri)

12)  Abu Sufyan Accepted Islam In? (8 Hijri)

13)  Hazrat Muazz Was Governer Of? (Yemen)

14)  The Inverse Of Scalar Matrix? (Scalar Matrix)

15)  Sin180-x? (Sinx)

16)  Pak Celebrate Defence Day From? (1966)

17)  Old Name Of Attock? (Campbell Pur)

18)  Pak Afghan Border Length? (2430 KM)

19)  Geneva Pact? (1988)

20) Which Country Is Called Rising Sun? (Japan)

21)  How Many Agencies Are In FATA? (7)

22)  King Of Habsha’s Religion? {Armah (Najashi)}

23)  Most Deveoped Continent? (Europe)

24)  What Will Be Last Letter Of UTYEAB When You Arrange It? (Y)

25)  What Will Be Third Letter Alphabeticallu Arengement in “Management”? (G)

26)  If Yesterday Was Friday Then After Tomorrow Will Be? (Monday)

27)  How Many Months Have 31 Days In Year? (7)

28)  In A Room There Are Males And Females, If There Are 3/2 Male Then How Many Females Are In The Room, When Room Contain 30 People? (10)

29)  Book Purchased In 30 Rs And Sold In 40 Rs Find The Profit In %? (33. 3%)

30)  Railway Minister? (Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad)

31)  Governer Sindh? (Imran Ismail)

32)  Lowest Point On Earth Is? (Challenger Deep)

33)  Jami ul Quran Title? (Hazrat Usman R.A)

34)  Biggest District Areawise In Pakistan? (Chagai)

35)  Who Wrote Loyal Muhammadan? (Sir Syed Ahmed Khan)

36)  China Pak Border Agreement Date? (2 March 1963)

37)  Where Pakistan Did Its Nuclear Test? (Ras Koh Hills In District Chagai)

38)  Pakistan 1200 Mile Border Length With Which Country? (Afghanistan) Confirm It

39)  Basel Is City Of? (Switzerland)

40)  Smallest Continent? (Australia)

41)  Highest Civil Award Of Pakistan? (Nishan e Pakistan)

42)  First Women Governer General? (Begum Raana)

43)  2nd PM Of Pakistan? (Khuwaja Nazimuddin)

44)  Empty Set Is Known As? (Finite)

45)  Chaura Chauri Incident Date? (5 Feb 1922)

46)  Longest River Of Asia? (Yangtze)

47)  Saffah Means? (Top Of Mountain)

48)  Nisab of Gold? (7.5 Tola Or 84.87 Grams)

49)  1857 Jung e Azadi Exact Date? (10 May 1857)

50)  Relation Of Hazrat Hamza With Holy Prophet PBUH? (Companion As Well As Paternal Uncle)

51)  “Prescribe” Synonym? (Order, Command, Dictate)

52)  Cube Root of -2? (-1.25)

53)  India Quite Movement? (8 August 1942)

54)  Kaleemullah Is A Title Of? (Hazrat Musa AS)

55)  Speaker of National Assembly? (Asad Qaiser)

56)  90% of 90? (81)

57)  Old Name Of India? (Hindustan, Bharat or Bhartavarsha etc)

59)  Israel Was Title Of? (Hazrat Yaqoob AS)

60)  Which Place Connect Pakistan With Tajikistan? (Wakhan)

61)  Laat And Uzaa Are? (Idol)

62)  First Foreign Minister? (Muhammad Zafrullah Khan)

63)  Sindh Bombay Se Separate Karne Ka Mutalba Kiska Tha? {Muslims (Muhammad Ali Jinnah 14 Points)}

64)  FIFA WC 2018 Winner? (France)

65)  President During 1956 Constitution? (Iskander Mirza)

66)  Quaid e Azam Left Congress In? (December 1920)

67)  Makkah Conquered? (8 Hijri)

68)  Mavakhat e Madinah Was Between? (Ansaar And Mahajareen)

69)  Asadullah Is A Title Of? (Hazrat Ali R.A)

70)  Quaid Date Of Birth? (25 Dec 1876)

71)  Nehru Report Date? (30 August 1928)

72)  Dark Continent? (Africa)

73)  Red Sea Is Also Known As? (Gulf Of Arabia)

74)  Capital Of Kyrgyzstan? (Bishkek)

75)  Who Separated Bengal In 1913? (Lord Curzon)

76)  Length of Pakistan Coast? (1046 KM)

77)  Badar Is A Name Of? (Village) (Meaning Of Badar Is “Full Moon”)

78)  The Largest Producer Of Carpet? (Iran¬)

79)  Sin 90°? (1)

80)  Abdul Salam Got Noble Prize In? (1979 in Physics)

81)  Srilanka Capital? (Colombo)

82)  Pak Aghan Border Name? (Durand Line)

83)  Who Gave The Idea of Pakistan? (Allama Iqbal)

84)  Which Was The First Book of Allama Iqbal? (Asrar e Khudi)

85)  First Hajj Offered In? (9 Hijri)

86)  What Was The Father Name Of Hazrat Usman? (Affan Ibn Abi Al’As)

87)  Which Is The Oldest City Of Pakistan? (Multan)

88)  Currency Of Turkey? (Lira)

89)  Land Of White Elephants Is? (Thailand)

90)  1st Khalifa Of Islam? (Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A)

91)  First Pakistani Astronaut? (Namira Salim In 2009)

92)  First Governer Of Pakistan? (Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

93)  First War With India Over Kashmir? (1947–1948 Indo-Pak War)

94)  Tashkat Declaration? (1966)

95)  Badshai Mosque Was Built In Which Year? (1673 By Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb)

96)  Largest Road of Pakistan Is? (N-5 National Highway)

97)  The Number of Idols Were In Khana Kaaba? (360)

98)  2nd Largest Glacier In Pakistan Is? (Baltoro Glacier)

99)  “Now or Never”? (1933 By Ch. Rehmat Ali)

100)  When Pak Joined UNO? (30 September 1947)

101)  Holy Prophet Was Born In? (571 AD)

102)  Atique Is The Title Of? (Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A)

103)  1st War Of Panipat Date? (21 April 1526)

104)  1st Women Speaker of Balochistan Assembly? (Rahila Hameed Khan Durrani)

105)  Which Country Opposed Pakistan’s Membership In UNO? (Afghanistan)

106)  Which Angel Brings Revelations? (Hazrat Jibraiel AS)

107)  Capital Of Mangolia? (Ulaanbaatar)

108)  2016 Olympics Kahan Hue? (Brazil)

109)  When Did Quaid e Azam Gave Delhi Pect? (1916)

110)  48 Heads Of Hen And Cow Together And 140 Legs, How Many Hen Are There? (26)

111)  Sulah Hudabiya Date? (6 Hijri)

112)  Malala Ko Award Kis Liye Mila? (Peace)

113)  Tehreek e Khilafat Date? (Started In 1919)

114)  Ali was born___ 20 August,1997. (On)

115)  Strength Of Muslims In Ghazwae Badar? (313)

116)  Name Of First Book Of Ahadees? (Sahifa Sadika)

117)  Pakistan Joined Which Organization In 2017? {SCO (Shnghai Cooperation Organization)}

118)  Which Country Accepted Pakistan First? (Iran)

119)  First Moazzin Of Islam? (Hazrat Bilal R.A)

120)  Spell Check Key? (F7)

121)  Indus Treaty? (World Bank)

122)  Area Of Forests In Pakistan? {In 1990 (3.28%), Now (1.91%)}

123)  Yamama Kis K Doar Mein Hui? (Hazrat Abu Bakkar RA)

124)  Mostly Coal Is Found In Which Area Of Pakistan? {Thar (Sindh)}

125)  Zakat Made Obligatory In? (2nd Hijri)

126)  Daughters Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH? (4 Daughters)

127)  Most Mentioned Prophet In Quran? {Hazrat Musa A.S (Mentioned 135 Times)}

128)  Integral Of Cotx? (In |sin x| + C)

129)  Mother Name Of Hazrat Ishaac? (Hazrat Sarah)

130)  Pass Between Chitral And Afghanistan? (Dorah Pass)

131)  Muslims Came Back Without Fight In Which Ghazwa? (Tabook)

132)  Nearest Planet To Earth? (Venus)

133)  Pakistan Opposed India In Inclusion Of? (NSG)

134)  Measurement Of Earthquake? (Richterscale)

135)  Friction Is Maximum Between Tyres And Road During? (Hard Break)

136)  Ambassoder Of Common Wealth Countries Are Called? (High Commissioner)

137)  Circumference Of Earth? (40,075 KM)

138)  IMF Functions? (Maintaining Balance Between Demand and Supply of Currencies)

139)  Pentagon is for? (USA Defence Offices)

140)  Sierra Leone Capital? (Freetown)

141)  In Ghazwa Ohad Which Leaded The Enemy Force? (Abu Sufyan)

142)  1st Female Justice Of Balochistan High Court? (Syeda Tahira Safdar)

143)  Space Between Margin And Before Paragraph is Called? (Indentation)

144)  To Cut Useless Area Of Image Is Called? (Cropping)

145)  Text Styling In Word? (WordArt)

146)  NAM of 1955 In Which Country? (Indonesia)

147)  Saindak Project Is Producing? (Copper And Gold)

148)  Pak Parliamentary System Is? (Bicameral)

149)  Largest Oil Refinery Of Pakistan? (Pak-Arab Refinery Ltd)

150)  Purpose of WTO? (Regulation And International Trade)

151)  Vitamin To Heal Wound? (Vitamin C, Also Called Ascorbic Acid)

152)  Best Source Of Urgent Energy To Athlete? (Carbohydrates)

153)  If A Person Purchase A Book Of 500 And Sale It In 700 Find Percentage of Profit? (40%)

154)  When Pakistan Became A Member Of UNO? (30 Sep 1947)

155)  Jang-e-Furqan Kis Ko Kehty Hain? (Battle Of Badar)

156)  2+2/2= (3)

157)  Ghazwae Ohad Mein Shaheed Hone Wale Muslims Ki Tadaad? (85)

158)  Pakistan Mein Electric Energy Ki Sabse Bari Source? {Thermal (Both Oil And Gas)}

159)  Location Of Iran With Respect To Pakistan? (West)

160)  Jange Yamama Mein Shaheed Hone Wale Muslims Ki Tadaad? (70)

161)  Date Of Publishing Of Cause Of Revolt? (10 May 1857)

162)  Objective Resolution Was Showed In Assembly On? (7 March 1949)

163)  Noun ”School” Can Be Replaced With? (It)

164)  SAFTA Stands For? (South Asian Free Trade Area)

165)  Strength Of Muslims in Battle of Uhad? (1000)

166)  How Many Articles Are In English? {Two ( A & The)}

167)  IMF Stands For? (International Monetry Fund)

168)  Founder Of Urdu Defence Association? (Mohsin Ul Mulk)

169)  How Many Times Name Of Hazrat Jibrael Is Mentioned In Quran ? (4 Times)

170)  Mount Olympus Is In? (Greece)

171)  Last Prophet Sent To Bani Israel? (Hazrat Eesa AS)

172)  France Curreny Before Euro? (Franc)

173)  What Is One Tenth Of 90? (90/10 = 9)

174)  What Is One Tenth Of 120? (120/10 = 12)

175)  Hazrat Bilal R.A Was Slave Of? (Ummaiya Bin Half)

176)  Mostly Articles Come Before?{Noun (i.e Singular Noun)}

177)  Literal Meaning Of Islam? (Voluntry Submission To Allah)

178)  In Class Of 1500 Students 1200 Are Present, Find The Percentage Of Present Students? (80%)

179)  In Class Of 500 Students 340 Are Present, Find The Percentage Of Absent Students? (32%)

180)  Akhuwat (Mawakhaat) Means? (Brotherhood)

181)  What is Hudabiya? {Treaty (Place)}

182)  Ziarat Is The Residency Of? (Quaid e Azam)

183)  Age of Holy Prophet PBUH as Fujjar? (15)

184)  Who Translated The Holy Quran In Urdu First? (Maulana Aashiq)

185)  Name Of China-India Border? (McMohan Line)

186)  Jihad Of Women Is? (Hijaab)

187)  They Are Three Brothers, Ali is __ Of The Three? (Cleverest)

188)  He Served Us __ Breakfast? (A Good)

189)  Where Are Salt Mines? (Khewra)

190)  Fattah Khyber? (7 Hijri)

191)  Namaz e Istasqa Is Offered For? (Rain)

192)  Jinnah Research Centre Was Established In The Year? (1991)

193)  Lahore Resolution Date? (23rd March 1940)

194)  1st World War Ended In? (1918)

195)  Largest Island? (Greenland)

196)  OPEC Stand For? (Organization Of Petroleum Exporting Countries)

197)  Diamer Bhasha Dam Is On Which River? (River Indus)

198)  Jange Uhad Ka Maarka Kab Pesh Aya? (3 Hijri)

199)  Jinnah Research Centre Is Situated In? (Queen Maund Land, Eastern Antarctica)

200)  Name The Only Sahabi Mentioned In Holy Quran? (Hazrat Zaid Bin Haris RA)

201)  FSB Is A Secret Agency Of Which Country? (Russia)

202)  “Morals Of Quran Are Embodiment Of Holy Prophet (S.A.W)”, Who Said This? (Hazrat Ayesha R.A)

203)  Wazeere Khazana? (Asad Umar)

204)  Roohullah Is The Title Of? (Hazrat Esa A.S)

205)  Zaboor Was Revealed On? (Hazrat Dawood A.S)

206)  Length Of LOC? (740KM)

207)  Mangla Dam Is On Which River? (River Jehlum)

208)  Which Province Of Pakistan Is Called Babul Islam? (Sindh)

209)  Barri Doab Is Between? (River Ravi And Beas)

210)  Moaztain Surah Name? (Surah Al-Falak And Surah An-Naas)

211)  Which Surah Was Recited In Front Of Najashi? (Surah Maryam)

212)  Sea With Most Salted Water? (Dead Sea)

213)  Luknow Pact Was Between Which Parties? (Indian National Congress And Muslim League)

214)  Lengthiest Constitution? (Indian Constitution)

215)  Shah Walliullah Died In Which Year? (1762)

216)  Siachin Glacier Is Situated In Which Mountain Range? (Eastern Karakoram Range)

217)  If A Train Covers 120 Miles Per Hour. How Much Will It Cover In 12 Minutes? (38.4KM or 24 Miles)

218)  Which Surah Is Called The Heart Of Holy Quran? (Surah Yaseen)

219)  If Yesterday Was Monday Then What Will Be The Day After Tomorrow? (Thursday)

220)  500 Students Are In A Class, 360 Are Boys, Find The Girls%? (28%)

221)  If A Helicopter Need 50 Gallons To Move 320 Kilometer. Then How Much Gallons Helicopter Need If It Moves 400 Kilometer? (62.5 Gallons)

222)  Amjad And Ahmed Kept 24 Balloon, Amjad Kept Three Time More Then Ahmed, How Much Amjad Kept? (18 Balloons)

223)  If A Train Covers 120 Km Per Hour, How Much Will It Cover In 18 Minutes? (36 Km)

224)  np2=20 Find Value Of n? (10)

225)  KANUPP In Karachi Was Built With Assistance From? (Canadian Assistance)