The Highest Radio Station: Gilgit Radio Station in Northern Areas. 

The Highest Pass: Muztagh Pass in Norther Areas, at an elevation of 19.030 feet.

The Highest Railway Station: Khan Mehtarazai Railway Station, Baluchistan, at an elevation of about 2,221 feet.

The Highest Civil Award: Nishan-e-Pakistan.

The Highest Military Award: Nishan-e-Haider.

The Highest Pea: K-2, in Skardu (Northern Areas), with a height of 28, 250feet (8,610 metres). It is the second highest peak in the world behind Mount Everest 

The Tallest tower and Monument: Minar e Pakistan in Lahore, with a height of about 196 fee 8 inches.

The Tallest Minaret: The Four Minarets of Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, with a height of 286 feet each.

The Tallest Building: the Habib Bank Plaza in Karachi, Sindh, with a height of 345 feet. It consists of 23 stories.

The Largest Commercial Bank: National Bank of Pakistan, with deposits worth Rs.208.2 billion at 31st, December 1995. 

The Largest Railway Station: The Lahore Railway Station.

The Largest Lake: Manchhar Lake in Dadu District, Sindh. It is also the largest lake of Asia.

The Largest Man-Made Lake: Keenjhar Lake in Sindh, with a length of 32 km (20 miles) and width of 10 km (6miles) It is about 25 kilometres from Thatta.

The Largest Railway, Workshop: the Mughlpura Railway Workshop in Lahore.

The Largest Library: The Punjab Public Library in Lahore, Punjab.

The Largest Museum: The Lahore Museum, Lahore.

The Largest and Oldest University: The Punjab University, Lahore.
The Largest Mosque: Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad.

The Largest Industry: cotton Textiles industry, Faisalabad is its main centre. 

The Largest Iindustrial Plant: Pakistan steel mills Karachi (Sindh).

The Largest Oil Field : Mazari field, with a production of 3724 barrels per day in the first 9 ,month of 1995-96(July-March).

The Largest Natural Gas Field:
 Sui in Baluchistan. Its share to the country‚Äôs total natural gas production was 36.62 percent in the first 9 months of (July- March).

The Largest Province: Baluchistan, with an area of 347,190 sq km.

The Largest City: Karachi, Sindh, Lahore (the Punjab) and Hyderabad (Sindh) are the second and third largest cities of Pakistan respectively. 

The Largest Dam: The Tarbela dam, NWFP, with a volume of 148,000,000 cubic meters. 

The Largest River: The Indus River.

The Largest Shipping Company: The Pakistan National shipping Corporation (PNSC) Karachi.

The Largest Desert: The TharDeser, Sindh. It is the 9th largest desert in the World.

Largest Park: Ayun National Park in Rawalpindi (Punjab), with an area of 2,300 acres.

The Largest Seaport: Karachi.

The Largest District in the Punjab: the Bahawalpur District in Bahawalpur Division, area: 24830 sq km.

The Largest Cement Plant: Lucky cement plant at Pizu in district LakkiMarwat, NWFP. It was commissioned in August 1996.

The Longest Platform: The platform of Rohri Railway Station (Sindh) with length of about 1,894 feet. The platform of Sahiwal Railway Station (Punjab) is also believed to be the longest platform in Pakistan.

The Longest Railroad: From Karachi to Peshawar, with a length of 1,045 miles (1,681 kilometers).

The Longest Tunnel: The lowari Tunnel, with a length of 5 miles. It is 30 feet wide, and connects Chitral with Northern Areas. 

The Longest Railway Tunnel: the Khojak Tunnel, Baluchistan, with a length of 2.43.

The Longest Road: The sharah-e-Karakoram, Northern area, at an elevation of 1,200 feet. This 965 km long road connects Pakistan with China through Khunjrab Pass. It is also called the Silk Route.

The Longest River: The Indus River, with a length of about 2,880 km (1,790 miles).

The Shortest River: The Ravi River, with a length of about 710 km.

The Most Beautiful Lake: Lake SaifulMaluk in Kaghan Valley, NWFP.

The Coldest Place: Skardu, in Northern Areas, where a record -26 degree recorded on January 6, 1995. The previous lowest temperature in Skardu was -21 centi grade recorded on 11 January in 1986.

The Coldest City: Ziarat, Baluchista.

The Rainiest City: Rawalpindi, Punjab.

The Hottest Place: Jacobabad in Sindh, temperature rising up to 128 furan hight in summer. In Sibbi, Baluchistan, temperature also raises up to 128 furan heights in summer.

The Most Published and Circulated Newspaper: The daily Jung (Urdu)

The Place of Highest Snowfall: Skardu in Gilgit district, Northern Areas.

The Rainies Place: Murree in Rawalpindi district (Punjab), with mean annual rainfall of about 1,484 millimetres.

The Raies Place: Murree in Rawalpindi district (Punjab), with mean annual rainfall of about 1,484 millimeters (mm), 164 centimeters (cm).

The Most Populous Province: The Punjab.

The Least Populous Province: Baluchistan

The Most Modern City: Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan).