Police:* Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies.
VIP: Very Important Person.
SHO: Station House Officer.
BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation.
CID: Criminal Investigation Department.
CSP: Civil Service of Pakistan.
CSS: Central Superior Services.
FANA: Federally Administered Northern Areas.
FATA: Federally Administered Tribal Areas.
GDP: Gross Domestic Product.
GHQ: General Head Quarter.
FIR: First Information Report.
IBM: International Business Machines.
ISPR: Inter Services Public Relation.
ISSB: Inter Services Selection Board.
NOC: No Objection Certificate.
OIC: Organization of Islamic Conference.
PCS: Public Srrvice Commission.
SAARC: South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation.
SSG: Special Services Group.
UNICEF: United Nation International Children Emergency Fund.
WASA: Water and Sanitation Agency.
ISAF: International Security Association Force.
LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
CNG: Compressed Natural Gas.
ECG: Electrocardiography.
RAM: Random Access Memory.
LASER: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emmission of Radiation.
RADAR: Radio Detection and Ranging.
AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
WWW: World Wide Web.
DNA: Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
SONAR: Sound Navigation and Ranging.
CPU: Central Processing Unit.
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display .
kHz: Kilohertz.
KV: Kilo Volt.
NADRA: National Database and Registration Authority.
LED: Light Emitting Diode.
HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Presentation

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