Afganistan : Shora
Australia : Federal Parliament
Bangladesh : Jatiya Sangsad
Bhutan : Tshogdu (National Assembly)
Britain : Parliament (Commons & Lords)
China : National People’s Congress
Denmark : Folketing
France : National Assembly
Hungary : National Assembly
Iceland : Althing
India : Parliament (Lok Sabha & Rajya
Iran : Majlis
Iraq : National Assembly
Israel : Knesset
Japan : Diet

South Africa : House of Assembly
Sweden : Riksdag
Switzerland : Federal Assembly
Germany : Bundestag
Afganistan :Shora
Algeria :National Peoples Assembly
Australia :House of representative of senate
Cuba :National Assembly of people power
Egypt :People’s Assembly
Greenland :Landstraad
Norway :Sterling
Pakistan :National Assembly
USA :Congress
Srilanka :National State
Sudan :National Assembly
Syria :People Council
USA: Congress
Vietnam :National Assembly
Kuwait : National Assembly
Libya : General People’s Congress
Maldives : Majlis
Myanmar : People’s Assembly
Nepal : National Panchayat
Netherlands : States General
Poland : Sejm
Russia : State Duma

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